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Advance Cardiac Life Support ACLS 

Prior to beginning the ACLS course, students should have a working knowledge of:

Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR)

Basic ECG Rhythm Identification

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) focuses on basic and advanced treatment of cardiac emergencies and is part of an overall system to improve survival. To maximize survival, each component of the system must work effectively, including:

·        Early recognition

·        Early activation of the emergency response system

·        Early CPR

·        Early defibrillation

·        High-quality advanced life support

·        Post-arrest care


Course Objectives

  • Recognize the adult in peri-arrest and/or at risk of cardiopulmonary arrest;

  • Demonstrate the cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary for resuscitating and stabilizing the adult in respiratory failure, shock, or cardiopulmonary arrest;

  • Demonstrate the use of the various airway and oxygen adjuncts and methods for optimum ventilation & airway control;

  • Identify normal vs. abnormal cardiac rhythms and the appropriate pharmacologic and electrical therapies;

  • State the indications & dosages of medications used in cardiopulmonary arrest and the effects on the cardiovascular system;

  • Perform techniques to obtain vascular access in adults via intraosseous cannulation using EZIO

  • Perform advanced skills in the assessment and treatment of cardiopulmonary arrest in the adult patient.

Course details 


Each ACLS course is composed of two sessions on two days.

From 09:00 am till 04:00 pm  


DAMA training center,

Iraq/KRI/Erbil/ Pank city/ Villa 11


Medical doctors

*Note; number of participants should not exceed 6 per course


The registration to this course is by sending an official email with the details (number of participants, language of the training, type of the training, preferred training date, etc.) to the email addresses below 

or you can search for the course date and register below

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