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COVID-19 responses in Jadaa (1) IDPs camp
As our project started on 11th of April 2020 doctor Jasim the project coordinator give training about IPC (infection prevention control) and CoVID 19 prevention to all nutrition and Immunization staff after he take online training with a certificate for IPC and COVID-19 from WHO Website.
Also, doctor Jasim visits DOH of Nineveh in Mosul and AlQayyarah and received from the key messages , posters, and brochures about IPC and CoVID 19 prevention for IYCF and nutrition, we hang on the wall of Nutrition and immunization caravans these posters and use brochure in health promotion.
All nutrition staff use face mask and gloves and antibacterial gel in our work.
We received face mask and gloves and antibacterial gel from DAMA Mosul office as the PPE that we received from UNICEF is in Erbil and cannot be transferred to AlQayyarah.
The Community health workers give health promotion using brochures to IDPs the messages include the following
- Hand hygiene the importance of hand wash in the prevention of many of infectious diseases including COVID-19, also the CHWs taught the people in the camp to practice the proper hand wash.
- Respiratory etiquette: cough or sneezing in disposable cleanness or if not available use closed elbow
- Social distance more than a one-meter distance between individuals
- Facial protection (eyes, nose, and mouth) don’t touch eyes, nose, mouth as these routes of the entrance of virus and use of face mask in an endemic area, and if any patient has respiratory symptoms like cough, sneezing, fever.
- Avoid crowded area
- perform hand hygiene immediately after the removal of Gloves.
- Avoid handshake
- If any patient has respiratory symptom or fever use face mask and visits the nearest PHCC
- Stay at home.
- Good cleaning and cooking of food.
- Commitment to health instruction.
The total number of individuals in Jedaa 1 camp is 4577
The total number of individuals who benefit from health promotion in the first month (11th of April until 10th of May 2020) are 256 persons.
The total number of individuals benefit from health promotion in the second month (11th of May until 7th of June 2020) are 213 persons.
We cannot do group sessions because COVID-19 to avoid crowding so the number of health promotion low.


pictures of Health promotion about CoVID 19 and how to protect ourself from it and how to decrease its spread By using hand hygiene, avoid the crowded area, stay at home, avoid infected persons, good cooking of food, cough and sneezing etiquette and use of cleanness or if not available use your elbow in coughing or sneezing, and if have fever cough dyspnea visit nearest PHCC with use of mask All these are explaining with IEC Material we receive it from DOH of Nineveh

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