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Assessment (Bardarash Camp)

  1. Introduction:
          On Thursday 24 October 2019, DAMA team visited Bardarash camp for Syrian refugees within Duhok governorate to make assessment focusing in the area of need and support.
    Camp location : Longitude: 36° 46' 40.11" N , Latitude: 42° 52’ 40.55" E

  2. Population: 
         Bardarash camp reopened for the Syrian refugees after the Syrian influx in which large number of people have been displaced from their place of origin to KRI.
    Total number of individuals 8301
    Total number of families 1965
    It's estimated that 1722 individuals will reach the camp today 320 from Sihela and 1402 from al-Walid.

  3. Water and sanitation:
    The main water source in the camp is through pipe water which is used for both drinking and wash. As we asked some beneficiaries if they have adequate water to use the answer was not enough water.

  4. Distributions:
      The water distribution is done by World Vision Organization
    Hot meal distribution is done by Barzany Charity Foundation
    General food assistant distribution is done by WFP and World vision
    NFI distribution by Qandil

  5. Health:
      The health services are done by NGOs in coordination with DoH Duhok regarding the services and referrals, as following:
    One Local NGO  were providing primary health care at mobile medical unit in the camp till yesterday, they are not providing services anymore.
    MSF today started their activities in a part of the PHCC belonging to DoH (other part is non-functional) temporarily as Dr.Omed mentioned they will be there till the next 8 weeks but with limited capacity, the services they provide are : patients consultation , some basic lab tests as they don’t have laboratory , they have medications , referral to other health facilities , and mental health activities provided by a psychologist , they mentioned that till now the PHCC don’t have electricity as well as no generator. And they work in the morning shift only till 2:00 pm 
    DoH is providing health activities in coordination with MSF in the PHCC for afternoon shift, they mentioned that there is gap in health sector and staff for afternoon shift as only doctor and nurse is available from 2pm till 11pm, they also have 2 Nutrition and 3 immunization mobile team for nutrition and vaccination, the vaccines they provide are measles and polio, they also provided 6 ambulances for emergency and referral cases as they refer either to Bardarash, Duhok or Akre health facilities,  they also mentioned that there is no delivery room service in the PHCC. 



​   DoH  also mentioned that the capacity of this camp is 11000 refugees and it's possible to reach this number within the next 2 months , after this they may receive refugees in Gawelan camp, or Domiz camp , when these camps also become full they may expand Domiz to Domiz2 which will need construction of PHCC and partners to provide health services. 
   We also mentioned about the donations we did and our plan to distribute hygiene kits on the refugees but the camp manager mentioned that UNICEF already distributed 1000 hygiene kits and in the upcoming days they will distribute 1000 more kits on the refugees and dignity kits were distributed by UNFPA and NRC and he said it will be duplication if you do, he just mentioned that there is need for medications.

Bardarash PHCC.jpg

6.    Recommendation
A.    PHCC structure and supplies  
•    Rehabilitation of infrastructure, electricity, WASH.
•    Support   with generator for Electricity.   
•    Support with Medical equipment and medical devices including laboratory devices. 
•    Support the PHCC with Medication and Medical consumable.
B.    Human resources: 
-    Qualified medical staff to support the PHCC in night shift , after 2:00 pm till 8:00 am , Medical Doctor , Nurse , Services staff , Guard , Driver 
-    Support the ambulance DoH staff with incentives to strengthen the referral of the emergency medical cases to nearest facility. 
-    Support the DoH Nutrition staff to manage the children under 5 years . 
-    Support incentives for DoH immunization staff . 
C.    Reproductive health 
-    Support the camp with child delivery unit 
-    Antenatal Care 
-    Postnatal care 
D.    Mental Health 
-    Psychological First Aid 
-    MHPSS 

Reported by: Dr. Lana Nawzad / Program Coord.  

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